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29 July 2014 @ 11:59 pm

Everyday Tasks
1. Complete Project 365
2. Take a picture of myself every day for a year
3. Take a walk every day for 2 weeks (0/2)
4. Hug my mum once a day.
5. Read my horoscope every day for a month
6. Write in my journal every day starting 1/1/2013
7. Look in the mirror once a day
8. Keep a dream diary
9. Continue to write down my positive actions.
10. Wear makeup when I go to social events

Monthly and Weekly Tasks
11. Make my mum breakfast in bed every weekend for a month
12. Post a video on YouTube at least once a month for 6 months
13. Go swimming four times. (4/4)
14. Write a chapter of fanfiction at least once every two months
15. Go to the gym at least twice a month
16. Leave inspirational notes in public once a month
17. Do something cultural every three months
18. Don't eat takeout for six consecutive months (0/6)

One-off Tasks
19. Complete a 2000 piece puzzle alone
20. Go to the zoo
21. Go ice skating
22. Audition for TV
23. Stay awake for 24 hours and document each hour
24. Stay awake for 48 hours and document each hour
25. Meet and speak to 10 celebrities (5/10)
26. Ride a horse
27. Spend a weekend at a spa resort
28. Go out to a restaurant by myself
29. Go to the Comedy Store
30. Create a wish board and stick it in my room
31. Write a letter to myself, and open it at the end of the challenge.
32. Make a livejournal mood theme.
33. Make my room completely tidy
34. Go to another weekend convention
35. Get a tattoo of a fairy
36. Go out on Halloween
37. Visit an art museum
38. Have a pamper day of bath, chocolate, relaxation etc.
39. Stay away from the computer for 24 hours at home.
40. Have breakfast in bed.
41. Go to a church service
42. Cosplay at Expo
43. Cosplay at Showmasters event
44. Cosplay at Starfury event

45. Find out the time of a sunset, watch it, then stay up to watch it rise again, writing and drawing while I wait.
46. Go out on New Years
47. Complete the 5000 question survey (link)
48. Learn Spanish
49. Find an open space and have a picnic
50. Ride a Rollercoaster
51. Swim with dolphins or manatees
52. Go on a murder mystery weekend
53. Get my own star
54. Adopt an animal or sponsor a child

Mind, Body and Soul Tasks
55. Send a secret to postsecret.com
56. Lose 10lbs (0/10)
57. Lose 25lbs (0/25)
58. Lose 40lbs (0/40)
59. Lose 50lbs (0/50)
60. Lose 60lbs (0/60)
61. Lose 70lbs (0/70)
62. Get help for my anxiety issues
63. Write a list of ten of my strengths
64. Fall in love just once.
65. Have my first kiss.
66. Get a health check
67. Move out or redecorate my second room

Entertainment Tasks
68. Watch 70 Movies (document on LJ) (7/70)
69. Read 70 Books (document on LJ) (14/70)

70. Go into a CD store, randomly select a CD, and buy it.
71. Back up the video cassettes I still want onto DVD.
72. See three different things at the theatre (3/3)
73. Complete my TV List on Google Docs
74. Watch a scary movie

Creative Tasks
75. Complete a colouring book
76. Write a novel of at least 50000 words (10612/50000)
77. Complete my latch hook rug like I promised my nanny
78. Complete the 100 art challenge (0/100)
79. Learn how to cook five recipes (1/5)
80. Make a scrapbook of my 2008 Summer in America
81. Write 10 poems (0/10)

Travel Tasks
82. Go on holiday anywhere
83. Visit the Forest of Dean
84. Work in America
85. Visit the castle that was Hogwarts
86. Spend a day on the beach

Work and Money Tasks
87. Pass my driving test
88. Get a full time job
89. Make £1000. (1000/1000)
90. Pay off my student grant

Misc. Tasks
91. Organise the photos on my computer and print the ones I want to keep.
92. Join a drama group
93. Perform again

Friends, Family, and Charity Tasks
94. Meet my cousin’s son.
95. Sent someone on Post Pals something.
96. Raise at least £100 for a charity.
97. Leave 10 positive messages in random places.
98. Answer 500 questions on Yahoo! Answers properly. (3/500)
99. See Bradley at least six times a year.
100. Lay flowers on my ancestor's graves
101. Donate £1 to the charity of my choice for every task not finished.

START: 1 November 2011
END: 29 July 2014

(Movie/Book List)
(The 5,000 Question Survey)